Jeff Snow


The Softer Side of Celtic

Growing up as the son of a drummer in a Bagpipe band and  in a home where older Celtic songs were the everyday sounds, Jeff developed a love for the music of Scotland, England and Ireland. His concerts have been described as "quiet and relaxing " and much of it is, but sometimes he'll break out and the foot stomping begins.

The magical sounds from the instruments coupled with vocals and Jeff's love and knowledge of his Scottish heritage create a delightful program of traditional and original tunes and songs.

Much of the history of Scotland, England and Ireland is preserved in song. Hearing those stories along with the songs  educate as well as entertain.You will see singing, laughing, lots of smiles and perhaps a few tears.

There is no better example of this than the Ballad of Kilkelly Ireland. In 1855 John Hunt left his family's home in Kilkelly Ireland and came to the United States.  When he left Ireland, John Hunt was 13 years old. He settled in Maryland, found a job, got married and had children. He never returmed to Ireland and never saw his family again.

Without cell phones and the internet, communication was by the annual family letter. In the 1970's these letters were discovered by songwriter Peter Jones. He wrote the ballad that tells the story of the Hunt family.

You can read the letters and learn more about the story at

Kilkelly Letters

A typical concert includes a guitar, bouzouki and the autoharp and is an event the audience will talk about for a long time.

Weddings and more....

Are you looking for Acoustic music for a wedding or other event? Jeff can supply that either as a solo performer or in combination with other musicians. He has a network of singers and musicians for just about any interest and style to provide the right music for your event.

What they say..

Musician and raconteur Jeff Snow combines the music, stories and a wee bit of history from Scotland, Ireland and England into a concert event that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

"This was the first time we've hosted a program where folks came in the day after to say "thank you" for bringing a performer to the library. They absolutely loved it and told half the town what they missed."  Jane Ramos, Sherburne Memorial Library Killington Vermont

"Jeff's Celtic Music & Stories program was SRO, and 90+ minutes of pure enjoyment.  Jeff's extremely easy to work with and I would have him back asap."   Ann Thompson, Essex  Ct. Library Association

"Jeff Snow brings the rich tradition of  classic celtic music to life.  His  vibrant arrangements of  the classics blend perfectly with  his original Celtic compostions."
Joseph Carvalho III Retired President, Springfield Museums  Springfield Ma.

"If your library is looking for an addition to your music or history series Jeff would be a great choice, we were delighted."
Francesca Passiglia
Greenfield Ma.Public Library

"Jeff gave a 5 star performance. I can't recommend him enough. This concert was one of my favorites.""
Denise Farmosa
Richard Sugden Library  Spencer Ma.

"Your Performance made this year's event even more festive, and we hope that you will consider returning in future years." 
"Tower Hill Botanic Garden"  Boylston Ma.

"A painter paints pictures on canvas. Musicians paint their pictures on silence." Leopold Stokowski
A February 2018 interview broadcast on QATV Quincy Massachusetts.
Photo by Lauren Hourihan Photography Wilbraham Massachusetts
Kilkelly Ireland