Jeff Snow



Is your school looking for a program that exposes the students to the music and instruments from different cultures that teaches as well as entertains?  Jeff offers age appropriate programs from PK-High School.

The students will be exposed to Traditional American Music, along with rhythms and songs from around the world. Clapping, singing, interaction and fun are a large part of the event. They will learn some the stories and histories behind some of the songs. Did you know that much of what we consider "American Folk Music" actually came from those who immigrated from the United Kingdom?

If you'd like, the program can be modified to include music and dance of the American Indian. (Perhaps a Thanksgiving Program?)

You will see and hear songs and tunes played on the instruments traditionally used to make the music. These instruments will include guitar, Autoharp, Bouzouki along with percussion instruments like Djembe, Bodhran, spoons and limberjacks. Many of these instruments are "beginner friendly" and the students are encouraged to try them.

“You make 'em, I amuse 'em.”    Dr. Seuss
At the home of Puff February 2016